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Oreo; Myungyeol

Myungyeol. PG. Fluff.
Well, Myungsoo just doesn't want to lose to a pack of biscuits.

It is safe to say that Oreo is Sungyeol's number 0.5 favorite thing. The other 0.5 being Myungsoo. And Myungsoo certainly doesn't like being in the second place, even though he's still in the range of number 1. He knows why he's in the second 0.5, though. Because Sungyeol loves him like that, and because he needs him to buy the Oreos.

Sungyeol shooed him out of the dorm to the nearby convenient store ('Buy me another pack of Oreo, please? I'm hungry and I can't move') when Myungsoo knows too well that the reason why he can't move is because his butt is already stuck to the sofa. Too much television. As the clerk rings him, he thinks of a way to steal the first 0.5 because, really, he can't lose to a pack of black and white biscuits.

With a last touch up, his plan is forming into a decent one as he takes off his shoes, realizing that Sungyeol is sitting straight on the sofa, grinning at him. Myungsoo rolls his eyes and hides the pack behind his back.

"Why, thank—why did you do that?" Sungyeol stares at Myungsoo's arms, hiding the light of his life behind his back as he tries to reach for it again. And he fails, again. Not fair.

"It's mine." Sungyeol frowns at that. "I bought it."

"But I told you to buy it, so..." Reach, reach, reach. Fail.

"With my money."

"I'll pay you back later."

Myungsoo inches farther from Sungyeol and squats. "If you're so eager, then." He rips open the package and takes one biscuit out, placing half of it in his mouth. Adds a smirk. Sungyeol stares. Where the heck did he learn these 90s movies scenes from, Sungyeol thinks, not really realizing the answer. But he sees no use in fighting Myungsoo, so he decides to play along with whatever Myungsoo has in mind.

He leans down and bites the free end of the biscuit, eyes locking themselves on Myungsoo's. He bites it slowly, half-savoring half-teasing. The opened package is still behind Myungsoo's back. He stops when his lips almost touching Myungsoo's.

Sungyeol has never thought of something as cliché as this.

He leans forward and gently slips his tongue past Myungsoo's teeth; now taking full control of the remaining oreo. He pecks Myungsoo as a thank you, and munches, the package is already in his hands. "You don't remember—" He swallows. "—that I always get what I want, do you?" He earns a staring Myungsoo.

"Including me?"

Sungyeol halts and places a smile on his face. He puts down the package beside him, leans down for the third time, and whispers, "Of course."

Sungyeol was hungry, that's why he made Myungsoo buy the Oreo. But as his lips move against Myungsoo's, all the sweetness that Oreo doesn't contain, the latter's package is forgotten beside him; he somehow feels full.

And Myungsoo smirks into the kiss. He definitely has claimed the number one spot; completely. Hello, Oreo, he thinks. Fancy seeing you at number two.

lol what is this. i just need to get this out .___.;v
Tags: infinite, p: sungyeol/myungsoo
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